What Should You Know Before Planning A 1031 Exchange?

It is a common practice for real estate investors to desire to switch out one investment for another to boost cash flow. The IRS permits capital gains taxes to be deferred when one property is exchanged by another on time. Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code dictates the tax operation of such transactions. These […]

TIC, NNN, Or DST – Ideal Replacement Option For 1031 Exchange

Origin of Tenants in Common In England, during the 16th century, when it became a possibility for an individual to own land, Tenants in Common law was first originated. Tenants in Common law, as the name states, are the legal ownership of land. In other words, Tenants in Common means when two or more people […]

Get Access To Premium DST Properties For 1031 Exchange

A simple answer to this question is not that simple. A 1031 exchange itself is a complex investment strategy. Integrating a DST investment into it makes it even more complicated. However, when you invest in a DST as part of your 1031 exchange investment strategy, you play safe as DSTs are offered as securities. DSTs […]

Use Section 1033 To Recover Seized Real Estate

Section 1033 of IRC allows a taxpayer to defer capital gains taxes on exchanging ‘like-kind’ properties. Unlike a 1031 exchange, where the taxpayer sells the relinquished property first and then uses the proceeds to purchase a replacement property, in a 1033 exchange, the taxpayer is forced to abandon the property by the state or federal […]

Most Suitable Replacement Options For 1031 Exchange

Real estate investors seek opportunities to invest in big income-producing assets that come with no landlord responsibilities. Managing an investment property can prove to be a hectic job as you need to invest a significant amount of money and time. Landlords are not burdened too much when the property is new. However, with time it […]

Assets That Qualify For A 1031 Exchange

Investors use 1031 exchanges to swap non-performing assets with another income-producing property without being taxed. After selling the old property, you need to hunt for replacement properties one after another. A 1031 properties list can help you find a replacement property easily. However, you must also check different investment options that qualify for a 1031 […]

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