Types of 1031 exchange

Real Estate 1031 Exchanges Types

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) underlines the rules for exchanging property that is held for investment or productive use. If one meets the requirements, he/she can acquire real estate through 1031 exchange or like-kind exchange. The strategy … Read More

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1031 exchange property

Points to Be kept in Mind Before Choosing your Qualified Intermediary

Are you aware of the fact that Qualified Intermediary (also known as 1031 Exchange Accommodator or 1031 Exchange Facilitator) is the most important part of a successful 1031 exchange process? Qualified Intermediary is the independent body that is not the … Read More

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TIC property

Advantages of 1031 TIC Exchange

TIC in 1031 Exchange is an agreement signed between two or more investors owing to a single property. TIC or Tenancy In Common gives simultaneous property ownership of the property for the investors. Under this arrangement, an investor is permitted … Read More

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Prepare Your 1031 Exchange Boot to work

Don’t pay the taxes for your 1031 exchange boot; prepare your boot to work. Let us take an example: Suppose if you had a profit of $250,000 on the sale of your relinquished property, but your replacement property only cost … Read More

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If the investor wants to reinvest the property for the benefit of tax deferment and wants to do the 1031 Exchange, then you can get connected with us i.e., 1031exchangesponsor.com. We at 1031exchangesponsors have a team of experts to help … Read More

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In your 1031 exchange transaction, there are particular requirements for identifying and acquiring the like-kind replacement properties. It can be difficult for investors to identify their particular replacement property within 45 days after selling their relinquished property. For this reason, … Read More

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