Fulfilling Your Investment Needs

QualifiedIntermediary.com is an investment consultation firm connecting accredited investors to America’s top-notch Qualified Intermediaries. 

We do not intend to establish the firm or any of its members as brokers. Neither QualifiedIntermediary.com would like to indulge in the sale of any goods or services.

The main objective behind establishing QualifiedIntermediary.com is to help accredited investors complete 1031 exchange transactions hassle-free. 1031 Exchanges are complex transactions that require an expert’s guidance. 

To help investors make the most out of their like-kind exchanges, QualifiedIntermediary.com provides them one-to-one assistance throughout the investment period. Our partner QIs have helped several investors reap the benefits of 1031 tax-deferred exchanges by completing their transactions way before the exchange period deadline.

A Proud Entity of Investment.Net

QualifiedIntermediary.com is a newly added investment portal to the chain of Investment.Net’s digital assets. Investment.Net is an investment consulting colossus with the company’s existence spanning more than 15 years. Since its existence, the organization has helped investors build wealth and assets for their heirs. 

Get Help For Your Reverse 1031 Exchange

Reverse 1031 Exchanges could be tricky transactions to complete due to their strict guidelines. For example, investors pursuing a Reverse 1031 Exchange can’t hold both property titles simultaneously. Besides, they must also purchase a replacement asset first and then park their current properties. To help you understand and complete this complex tax-deferred investment, we have a team of experienced QIs waiting to be sought. 

Join Us As A QI

Are you a 1031 exchange QI working independently or associated with a firm? If so, we would be glad to have you on board. Join our team of experienced Qualified Intermediaries and receive a better commission on closed deals and an opportunity to grow in the 1031 exchange market. 

QualifiedIntermediary.com helps investors defer capital gains tax, preserve income, liquify investment, and much more. Sign up for our Investment Newsletter to stay updated with market news.

For consultation and assistance regarding 1031 Exchanges, you can call – 888-395-0046 or email us at info@QualifiedIntermediary.com 

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