Exchange Services is a full service Qualified Intermediary provider with highly specialized 1031 Exchange divisions. As the leader we promise you to provide best QI expert in 1031 Exchange companies, we will help you to handle any type of 1031 tax exchange transaction nationwide.


The most widely recognized type of 1031 Exchange is utilized for real estate...


A reverse exchange is a process under which the investor finds the replacement...


Real Estate 1031 Exchanges Types

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) underlines the rules for exchanging property that is held for investment or ...


Steps to Choose your Qualified Intermediary

Are you aware of the fact that Qualified Intermediary (also known as 1031 Exchange Accommodator or 1031 Exchange Facilitator) is ...


Advantages of 1031 TIC Exchange

TIC in 1031 Exchange is an agreement signed between two or more investors owing to a single property. TIC or ...

QualifiedIntermediary.Com Essentials has a team of experts, who will help you to focus wholly on 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges. As the national leader providing QI for a 1031 Exchange services, will help you to provide financial assurances, security and expertise essentials to protect your funds and gives answers and guidance throughout the exchange process.

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About Us is a new addition to the web portal chain of an established, reputable, and innovative company Investment Net LLC having ample experience of more than 15 years along with stability in the 1031 exchange arena. It’s our constant endeavor to cater to investors the most relevant and adequate content related to 1031 exchanges.

Qualified Intermediary services are unique and designed in accordance with the current requirement of the 1031 exchange market, which in one way or the other is likely to benefit investors of all stature. We assign a 1031 exchange expert/advisor to guide every investor. 

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“Our tax-deferred 1031 exchange programs can save millions in taxes, increase investor equity, and compound annual cash flow distributions and returns
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